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What's new
Version 3.00: [Released : April 15, 2002]
Add CD label print function for jewel case. (Menu "File->Print Cover...")

Version 2.21: [Released : April 08, 2002]
More lanugage available( French,Polish,Greek)
Bugs fixed.

Version 2.10: [Released : February 05, 2002]
Runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Supporsts CD-TEXT
Supports more cd writers
More languages available
Bugs Fixed and more...

Version 1.20: [Released : June 28, 2001]
Add powerful MP3 searching function
Add a pretty mini MP3/WAV player
Change the look with some cool icons
Change the program name to "MP3 CD Converter"

Version 1.15-1.16: [Released : June 3, 2001]
Supports more CD writers
Some reported bug fixed

Version 1.10 - 1.14: [Released : May 28,2001]
Supports more CD Writers
Import audio tracks from several CDs for burning easily
Supports freedb services
Default player can be specified
Supports CDPlayer.ini
Window size and position can be saved
Window color can be customized v
Some reported bug fixed

Version 1.01 - 1.03: [Released : Apr.24,2001]
Supports more CD Writers
Supports 80 min. CD-R Disc
Supports over-burn
Fixed some bugs

Version 1.00: [Released : Mar.28,2001]

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